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After installing the plugin, let’s proceed with its configuration, first let’s go to our database (mysql) and create a new database (for convenience I recommend calling it pgmapi). Once the database is created, in the plugins / pgm-api folder, there will be a file called config.yml.
Let’s open our file with a text or code editor and start configuring all the parameters

#PGM API: By Ilario42: www.ilariochiera.it/documentations/pgmapi

Server: "PGM-1"

    Kills: 1
    Death: 1

    Kills: 5
    Death: 3

    Host: localhost
    Port: 3306
    DbName: pgmapi
    Username: root
    Password: ''

The Server string is used to determine the server name (Used for network bungeecord). Remember to change only the inside of the “this”

Server: "PGM-1"

The stat zone assigns kills to deaths and kills. In this case, when a player is killed, 1 Kill and 1 Death are awarded. I advise you to leave it as it is:

    Kills: 1
    Death: 1

This is the Coins area. Whenever the player makes a kill or is killed, the plugin gives or steals coins. These are saved on a database, and with the help of other plugins you can create global coins with other plugins

    Kills: 5 #Coins Added
    Death: 3 #Coins Removed

This is the part of the Database, the most important part that will be used to communicate and save all information. Change the data with your server information, follow the fields to fill in via #

    Host: localhost #Add your ip Database
    Port: 3306 #Port of database. Default 3306
    DbName: pgmapi #Name of database
    Username: root #User of database
    Password: '' #Password of database

After doing all this the plugin should work and communicate with the database!
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